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Beautiful Smiles Don't Just Happen

It takes a skilled team, detailed planning and a vision of what is possible to create the smiles you will see in this gallery. Close-up photography is an integral part of our smile design process. The photos shown are all cases that we have treated in our office. Enjoy!

  • Audrey told us:
    “First of all, I want to say a sincere thank you to you and your staff from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy with my smile. I can’t even believe that I just settled with what I had before. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. I chose to have this five year long dental treatment because I wanted to keep the teeth I have for the rest of my life and improve my smile, which we all know helps with our self confidence. The previous dentists I have had before in my life only took care of the current problem and not very well either because I have had repeated treatments to the same teeth. Dr. Watson looks at the big picture and assesses future problems that can occur and recommends treatment. Dr. Watson, Dr. Niven and their staff make you feel like family. They are great!!! My children go to Dr. Watson and Dr. Niven because I do not want them to go through what I had gone through. I want to do it right for them from the start.”
  • Meesun has a radiant personality. She is in sales and her appearance is very important to her. She did not like the spaces between her front teeth and the fact that her teeth were so short and square. Conservative treatment with porcelain veneers gave Meesun the “knock-out” smile that she wanted.
  • Karla is a business executive and her appearance is very important to her. A childhood of multiple fillings and years of stress had resulted is a smile she was not happy with and a poor bite. Karla went through orthodontic treatment to correct her bite and then an esthetic reconstruction to restore her smile. The end result speaks for itself.
  • One day, Kathy and I were talking about her front teeth, especially the old crown that was so obvious. She said “my teeth are too short, I want tall teeth”. Kathy did show a lot of her gums when she smiled. By working with a team of specialists we were able to give her the “tall teeth” that she wanted. What a beautiful end result. This case was very different that Clarence’s in that everyone noticed the dramatic change, especially Kathy.
  • Going to see Dr. Niven was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I had worn dentures for 40 years, and my teeth, gums, and bones were a mess.  Dr. Niven recommended implants. What a difference!  I look and feel so much better.
  • I'm so glad we found Dr. Niven.  He and his staff are extra nice, caring, considerate, and committed to ensuring the best for the patient, in addition to being up-to-date on all the latest dental treatments.  I am half-way through my procedures, but my teeth are already in better health than they have been in years, and I look 100% better.  I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Niven and his assistants. 
    — Karen Robertson
  • Charlie is the CEO of his own company. He was unhappy with his worn and irregular front teeth. By restoring these teeth, we were able to create a more youthful appearance. Charlie is very pleased with the way his teeth look now.
  • Ed is a retired minister and former computer executive who is now teaching full time. He is constantly in the public eye and felt that his old dental work did not do him justice. Ed is much more comfortable with his new smile.
  • Gretchin was concerned that her front teeth were wearing thin and looking “Old”. By treating the four front teeth and creating the proper tooth length we were able to give her the youthful appearance she was looking for.
  • James is a very talented graphic artist. After seeing his incredible work I was amazed that the crowns on his two front teeth did not bother him, but they did bother his wife Paula. She was able to convince him to do something. We changed the two crowns and treated the adjacent front teeth to create a more harmonious, natural looking appearance. Today, James would tell you he was glad that he did it.
  • John did not like the crown on his front tooth because it was too big and too bright. We re-proportioned his front teeth creating symmetry. In this way we were able to create a more pleasing and confident smile.
  • Mary Kay told us:
    “I had heard Dr. Watson’s reputation as an excellent dentist, so when I learned I had to have some dental work done, I made a consultation appointment. Dr. Watson was the first person who designed a plan and explained what needed to be done to complete all required work while providing cosmetic improvement at the same time. Dr. Watson is a true professional. He and his entire staff are focused and friendly while maintaining a cohesive sensitive experience for their clients. I recommend Dr. Watson and his team.”
  • Perry told us:
    “Several of my front teeth had a number of old fillings and I had one old crown that was in need of replacement. Dr. Watson gave me several choices: take care of them as needed, or repair them all at the same time. When he showed some digitally enhanced pictures of what my smile could look like, I decided to have all the work done at the same time. To me the actual picture of Dr. Watson’s dental work says it all.”
  • Reid was a seventeen year old high school student. He finished orthodontic treatment but had chipped and undersized front teeth that could not be corrected with braces alone. We treated his four front teeth and gave Reid a smile that he is proud to show off.
  • Rosanna’s Testimonial
    “I came to Dr. Watson because my teeth were so bad I was in danger of losing many of them.  Dr. Watson designed a comprehensive treatment plan, and he basically saved my oral health.  The results have been excellent;  now my teeth are healthy, my gums are sound,  my mouth feels great, and I even have a nice smile.   Thank you Dr. Watson, I will always be your patient.”
  • Sheila hated her teeth and avoided smiling. Now she smiles all the time.
  • Suzanne told us:
    “As a child my favorite aunt told me, “you are a pretty child but when you smile, your whole face lights up making you beautiful.” When I had just gotten my permanent two front teeth, I snagged them out swinging on a clothesline. I had silver caps until Jr. High School, the metallic bands and wires of braces do not begin to compare to two big glaring silver monoliths dead centered in you mouth. No smiles in those school pictures. One of the most shocking realizations to me growing up was a girl friend's mother who was breathtakingly beautiful until she smiled showing crooked and stained teeth reinforcing keeping my mouth shut. Once I got my permanent caps done, I let the new teeth take a bow leaving the fear behind. Over the years, my teeth got chipped and “old” looking. I had periodontal disease under control when one of my front caps cracked and I had a cantilevered bridge that was giving me trouble. I was referred to Dr. Watson.
    Then a work of art began. Dr. Watson outlined his plan of attack and kept moving along at a pace I could accommodate. I cannot say enough about Dr. Watson, his staff, and the other doctors I have been referred to complete the process. It has been such a wonderful experience – I can say I do NOT dread my dental visits with honesty. 60 is fast approaching. I now have a smile that belies my age. I have friendships established in the office and my visits are as much a “catch up” as hygiene. And, “You have a beautiful smile” is a remark I continue to get often these days.”
  • Trisha is a dental hygienist. We have been friends for over thirty-five years and worked together often. Time took its toll on Trisha’s once beautiful smile. We were able to reestablish tooth length and symmetry to bring back her gorgeous smile again.
  • Wayne is retired and now doing professional photography. He was unhappy with his multicolored and uneven front teeth, and now it was his turn to get his teeth restored. Our ceramist did a fabulous job in matching his natural teeth and creating an undetectable transition form crowns to natural teeth. Wayne photographs much better with his new smile.
  • In Carin's own words, What a difference! I am only sorry I didn't do it sooner. My teeth have always been a cosmetic and therapeutic challenge. I had a gap between my front teeth which only one very well known fashion model can really get away with. I had many fillings and gold inlays from years of work.
    Dr. Watson gently reminded me on many occasions that there was a better cosmetic option. I resisted this change for a number of years because I did not want to wear orthodontic bands again even for the estimated six months. There was no Invisaline option for my gap problem.
    After finally deciding to move forward I am amazed at the result. Photographs do not do justice to the quality of each crown. The slight variation and translucency of each tooth creates a realistic and beautifully artistic result. Smiling for the family photos is no longer a close-mouthed affair.
    I am grateful to Dr. Watson, Dr. Jawor, and the entire team for providing me with a smile I am proud to have.
    Don't wait.
  • Clarence is a high stress insurance executive who wore is front teeth paper thin by years of grinding. His biggest concern was that these thin edges kept breaking off. By restoring the missing structure, we re-established his natural smile and resolved the breakage problem. Clarence confided in us after his treatment that he was amazed how seamless the procedure was and that none of he co-workers even noticed the transition as the treatment progressed. Clarence is much more confident with his new smile.
  • Bob is the busy owner and CEO of his own company. He is friendly, outgoing, and concerned about his appearance. He was unhappy with his crooked smile. We were able to recreate teeth that harmonized with his face to produce a very natural appearance.